The BB staff Team

Executive Team

Mrs J Pilling


Mrs J Warburton


Mrs H Hafeji

Principal and SENCO

Mrs N Patel

Vice Principal

Mr O McPhail

Assistant Principal
Teaching and Learning

Mr C Booth

Assistant Principal
Key Stage 2

Nursery / Reception

Miss K Jones


Mrs Z Ogden

Assistant Principal

Miss S Ryan


Key Stage 1

Miss V Potter

Year 1

Miss R Rothwell

Year 1

Miss N Geldard

Year 2

Miss R Hilson

Year 2

Key Stage 2

Mrs S Gough

Year 3

Miss K Greenall

Year 3

Miss K Breingan

Year 4

Mrs M Patel

Year 4

Mr O McPhail

Year 5

Mr D Ryan

Year 5

Mr C Booth

Year 6

Miss S Rimmer

Year 6

Mr S Walmsley


Mrs A Ainsworth


Support Staff

Mrs Y Abbas, SNA & SMSA
Mrs S Chadat, TA
Mrs H Coull, Pastoral Manager
Mrs N Khan, TA
Mrs A Munshi, TA

Miss B Smyth, TA
Mrs A Rout, SNA & TA
Mrs H Simjee, TA
Miss B Smyth, TA

Mrs J Boyce, TA

Miss S Waris, TA
Mrs K Couperthwaite, TA & SMSA
Mrs D Felton, TA
Mrs T McWilliams, SNA
Mrs K Newton, TA & SMSA
Mr S Walmsley, TA
Mrs M Zahir, SNA & SMSA

Mrs V Brocklebank, TA
Mrs H Dakri, TA & SMSA
Miss T Jefferies, TA & SMSA
Miss L Mercer, SNA
Mrs H Ozard, SMSA
Mrs T Siddique, SMSA

Administration Staff

Mrs D Goulden,
HR / Finance Officer

Mrs E Tipping,
School Administration Officer

Mrs S Waddington,
Personal Assistant

Maintenance Staff

Miss N Aldred, Cleaner

Mr D Caldwell, R & M Officer
Mrs D Sutcliffe, Site Manager

Mrs K Houseman, Cleaner